Security Camera Systems for Apartment Complexes – Why Go Wireless? |

Till a few years ago, all devices around the home and office were tethered to wires. A cluster of wires, bunched inside casings, running along walls was a common sighting. However, today, apartment owners prefer a clean, non-clustered look. Hence, wireless and mobile systems are now enjoying immense favor.Going wireless is also an option when it comes to fitting security camera systems for apartment complexes. And, there is a list advantages that can make it a suitable option for you. Take a look.1. Ease of installation -With a wired security camera system for apartment complexes, there is no DIY, unless you know what you are doing. A professional will have to drill holes, setup the wiring circuit and also fit new electric outlets if needed.A wireless system earns its brownie points right here. It is powered by batteries and not electricity. With the instruction manual to guide you, you can complete the installation yourself. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour.2. Flexibility -There are no wires. So, you have the freedom to install the camera where you want, whether there is an electric outlet close by or no. Also, if you are a renter and shift residences often, you can uninstall the security camera system and set it up at your new place without much hassle. Thus, you can mount your cameras after factoring in aesthetics and functionality (out of the reach of criminals).3. Property undamaged -Going with a wired security camera system for apartment complexes is practical if you are still in the construction phase. At a later stage, it will involve drilling holes or boring into walls. That can be very disheartening if you’ve just paid a good sum to have them whitewashed. Wireless systems can be attached and aligned without any damage to your property.4. Reliability and Functionality -It matches its hardwired counterpart in terms of functionality. It can pick up signals even if the receiver and camera are at a distance of ten miles from each other. The battery-powered systems are designed to last for at least three years. Also, you don’t have to bother about your camera system being non-functional if there is a power outage or the electric lines are cut by a smart intruder.5. Remote monitoring -Another advantage of wireless security camera systems for apartment complexes is the ability to watch your property even while you are away. You can sync the system with your phone or laptop. This way you can get immediate alerts and take action. You will also be notified if someone has tried to tamper with the system.6. Cost-saving -Yes, wireless security camera systems for apartment complexes cost more upfront, but afford a lot of savings in the long run. To start with, you save on installation costs that would have been paid for a hard-wired system. If in the future, you plan to upgrade or expand your existing security camera system for apartment complexes, you will only have to pay for the addition cameras you buy; you won’t have to incur additional costs of wiring and installation. It also saves energy costs as it is not powered by the apartment’s electric supply.